Making-Of series: Deconstructing a magazine

This is one of the more simple tasks I have done, but because of the intricate details I had to remove, it took me quite a while! In this post, I’ll be showing how I deconstructed and remade this magazine cover:

Original cover


The first thing I did was remove the text. This was the hardest part because of the amount of different patterns and textures that are in the image – the ocean was definitely the hardest part! To get rid of the text, I used Photoshop’s Clone Stamp Tool at various different opacity levels. The clone stamp can be found by clicking this button in the toolbox on the left or using the S keyboard shortcut:


I struggled with the sea at the bottom of the image because the multiple amounts of colour in it, and some parts look slightly patchy and smudged but it doesn’t matter too much! After I had removed the text from the image, this is what I was left with:



After I’d taken all of the text off of the image, it was time to put it back! Because I wasn’t sure of what fonts the magazine had used, I had to find some that were similar and edit them. The two fonts I used were Lemon/Milk and Times New Roman. Because the fonts weren’t exactly the same, I had to change the tracking, horizontal scale, vertical scale and the size of the fonts. Below is an example of some of the changes I had to make:


I found the colour of the text by using the eyedropper tool to pick out the colours of the original fonts (shh, it’s not cheating if you admit to it!to then apply them to the text I had added myself. I also remade the black circle on the left of the page by using the brush tool at a large size on a new layer and adding text over the top of it!

After all this, this was my final result!


Although it doesn’t look the exact same, I’d say it looks pretty similar! Take a look at the original and remake below!

As always, thank you for reading!

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