Photography survey: Part two

In my previous post, I showcased some of the photos I took as part of my photography survey around Leeds, Queensbury and Haworth. I picked out my four favourite photos and in this post, I will be showing you how I edit them to make them look brighter and more vibrant and I will also be choosing my final favourite image.

These were my favourite four photos from my previous post:

Below are my final images:

While editing the first image, I wanted to make the colours of both bugs stand out because they were so uniquely coloured. Here is how I edited the first image to achieve this:

With the second image I wanted to make the greens of the grass stand out but also make the blues of the sky stand out without making it too bright or overpowering. Here is how I edited the second image:

With the third image, I wanted to make the greens and the oranges stand out to make the image look slightly abnormal and weird to go along with the idea of it being slightly creepy and abnormal. Here is how I edited the third photo:

With the last photo, I wanted to emphasise the blues and greens of the photo and make it look slightly unrealistic and dreamy because that is the vibe I get from looking at the image. Here is how I edited the fourth photo:

After I had edited these photos, I had to pick my final favourite image. If it wasn’t already obvious from how much I talked about liking it, my favourite image was the ‘shape’ image from Horton Bank Park. Using this image, I had to crop it to three different sizes without resizing the image itself – I focused on the key points of the image, such as the view between the two slanted fields, the puddle in the middle of the path and a footprint in the mud. Below is the cropped images:


Wide angle / 22:9inch


Standard photography / 4:3inch


Square / 1:1inch


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