Photography survey: Part one

This blog post was a challenge to take photos of the local area. Instead of taking photos of the local area of just Leeds alone, I took other photos local to my home. My home is pretty much in the middle of vast expanses of fields, so trying to narrow this down to a few photos was pretty hard! I marked the different places I went on the map below:


Marker one is Haworth, marker two is Queensbury/Clayton Heights and marker three is Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.

The task given to me was to take photos that included close-upsreflectionslandscapes and shapes. In the galleries below are my raw photos without any editing. (Click to enlarge)





From all of these photos I took, I had to pick my four favourites – one from each of the above sections. This was really hard to do because I liked a lot of these photos!

I chose these photos because I found them be aesthetically pleasing but also I thought that they told an interesting story. With the first picture, originally there was only one bug in the photo, but on the day I was taking these photos there was a huge swarm of ladybirds in the park and one of them just happened to land next to where I was taking a photo – in the photo, the two bugs are facing each other and it looks like they’re either talking to each other or about to have a duel! In the second photo, the reflection of the trees looks quite dark like the trees above it but the reflection itself looks like another world – quite strange and mysterious. With the third photo, although there is a path, you cannot see the end of it and I think this makes the photo quite eery despite how bright and sunny it looks – for some reason it also reminded me of the forest in ‘The Wizard of Oz‘ that Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow walk down! The fourth photo is my favourite photo of all of the photos I took. On that day, although it was sunny, there were some remains of rain from the previous day and the mud path down the middle of the picture was sodden. This photo is close to my home, and at the end of the path there is a lookout across vast amounts of fields – not only did I pick the photo based on aesthetic value but I also took it because it reminded me of how beautiful my home village is and how much I love my home.

In the next part, I’ll be showing you how I edit my four favourite photos and I’ll be picking a final favourite image to showcase in three different versions.

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