Making-Of series: Heads up! (Part Two)

In my previous post, I showed you how to make a static header. In this continuation, I’ll be showing you how to animate your header!

Our last tutorial ended with our final image looking like this:


Getting started

From here, we need to open up the ‘Animation‘ window. This can be done by pressing ‘Window > Animation’ – in some newer and older versions of Photoshop, this can also be called ‘Timeline‘.


Doing this will open up the animation window at the bottom of your screen. Initially, the window will open in a timeline view, but this can be changed to frame by pressing the small button on the right of the window (as seen below).


Making your image into a GIF

My image animates itself by flashing up the circles, text and spark points one at a time. The easiest way to get it to do this is to put each of your letters, objects, etc. into separate layers by duplicating the layer and removing different parts of it each time (pre-warning: this may or may not be a tedious task depending on how many things you want to animate!). This step is pretty easy so I won’t go into detail.

Once you’ve sorted everything into separate layers, you can start animating! The first thing you need to do is start off with the blank first layer. To do this, select your first frame in the animation window and turn off the visibility of all of your layers aside from the background one. In my case, I turned off all of my layers aside from the blue background and the line going across it.

To make your image animate, you have to add frames. To do this, you can press on the small drop-down box on the top right corner of the animation window (shown below) and click on ‘New frame‘.


To animate your image, keep repeating the process of adding new frames and turning on and off different layers until you feel that your animation is complete. To make my animation, I did the same thing but firstly made it so that the circles came up one by one from left to right, then the ‘N.Austin’ came up letter by letter from left to right, then the ‘Media’ came up letter by letter from left to right, and finally so the spark came up by each individual spike from left to right. This, as mentioned earlier, was a tedious task because I had quite a few things to animate, but with perseverance I managed to finish it.

To change the speed of your GIF, you can change the seconds each frame is shown by pressing the drop-down arrows beneath each frame. Doing this can make your animation faster or slower. Because mine has quite a lot of information on it, I chose to make it go quite fast but not too fast. This is my finished product:


Have a go and comment with your GIFs!

Nicole Austin, Leeds Trinity University

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